What items do you offer? 

We offer a wide variety of décor styles and sizes down to smaller paper signage and candles. Our goal is to bring your dream wedding to life with our gorgeous, personalized signage. 


Please scroll to the bottom of our rental page for investment and pricing information. We also detail delivery and cost breakdown. 

How far in advance do couples need to book? 

Typically we book couples two months out from their big day. This allows us enough time to discuss your wedding vision, handpick signage, personalize your signage, and review your order one last time before the big day.  

How does this process work? 

Please see our rental page for a breakdown as to how the process works. 

Can I provide my own signage? 

We are happy to letter your signage at a 30% discounted rate. This offer does not apply to seating charts as they are so time consuming.